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1.   Q /   Where are you located? 


      A /   We are located in the Central Valley, in San Ramón de Alajuela, just 1.5 hours from the Juan Santamaría International Airport. We are surrounded by the 2,000 acre  Los Ángeles Cloud Forest Private Biological Reserve.

2.   Q /   What is the weather like in the area?  

      A /   Being located in the tropical cloud forest, the climate varies according to the time of year, with a comfortable average  temperatura of 75-80 degrees farenheit. The mountain climate is characterized by cloudy mornings and clearer afternoons depending on the time of year. The driest season is from November to April.

3.   Q /   How far in advance should i make reservations?


      A /    We recommend reserving the date at least six months to one year in advance.

4.   Q /   What health security measures are implemented during an event or wedding?

      A /    In order to safeguard the health of the guests and our clients, we apply  all the sanitary measures established by the Ministry of Health and the Government of Costa Rica.

5.   Q /   Are other weddings ocurring on the same day?

      A /    No, all our staff will be focused on attending your event, in order to guarantee privacy and exclusivity on the service.

6.  Q /   What is the Chappel capacity?

      A /    La Mariana Chapel has the capacity to receive of 80 people comfortably seated.

7.   Q /    What is the reception room capacity?

      A /    Our main Restaurant El Sendero has a capacity for 100 people. We also have 2 additional rooms that are use for micro weddings, those have a capacity for 25 and 45 people. 

8.  Q /   What are the  requirements for weddings in Costa Rica?

      A /    The requirements vary depending on whether it is a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony. Please contact us for further details.


9.  Q /    What is included in the wedding packages and what are the prices? 


      A /   Our base wedding package cost is $2500 and it includes: Rental of facilities, services of a wedding planner, room use during the wedding day and one night in a honeymoon suite. 

10. Q /   How many hours does the reception include?


      A /   6  hours in total, including time for the ceremony.

11. Q /    Can i rent only the chapel?

      A /    Yes, the fee for renting just the chapel is $2500.

12. Q /   Do you have special lodging rates for weddings?

      A /    Yes we offer special lodging rates for the wedding party.

13. Q /   Can the wedding be outdoors?

      A /    Yes, we have outdoor venues for weddings.

14. Q /   Where should guests park, and is parking free?

      A /   The parking spaces for guests will be duly identified and are free of charge.

15. Q /    Are the Ceremony and reception location wheelchair accesible?

      A /    Yes, we have wheelchair accesible pathways for both, ceremony and reception.

16. Q /   Does your restaurant offer vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/ or special diet options?

      A /    Yes we have special options for guests who require any type of special diets.

* For further information please do not hesitate to contact us in our chat, by email, or by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you

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