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The Mariana Chapel

If you’ve considered a mountain wedding in a one-of-a-kind chapel, Villa Blanca’s Mariana Chapel is an ideal venue for a ceremony that’s going to truly complete your perfect wedding of memorable moments for a lifetime.
The chapel, a replica of a 17th century chapel in Rome, is located on a grassy knoll overlooking the cloud forest and village casitas below the Hacienda of Villa Blanca. It was the 50th wedding anniversary gift by former President Rodrigo to First Lady, Estrella Carazo. Its unique architecture, with 840 hand painted ceramic tiles, covering the entire ceiling, depicts the history of Christianity when introduced into Latin America.

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The "Avatar" Tree

Located on one of the hilltops of Villa Blanca, overlooking La Julieta Dairy Farm in the distance, the Avatar Tree is an ideal outdoor location for a small to medium size wedding party. Using the natural elements blended with special accents, celebrate your commitment under a magnificent canopy within Mother Nature’s own cloud forest cathedral.

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The Hacienda

At the Hacienda, your wedding reception will be right on the edge of the cloud forest. This welcoming atmosphere, with its warm and gracious service at El Sendero Restaurant, puts guests on a culinary path of discovery with the exotic flavors, traditional recipes, and inspired preparations influenced by a thousand years of Mesoamerican migration across Central America. Renown for locally sourced and organically grown ingredients, Villa Blanca is your award-winning choice for weddings in Costa Rica.

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La Hacienda
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